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Other Belleek items include menu holders, candlesticks, decorative ewers (a jug not designed for use) and spill vases (vases for the mantlepiece from which a spill or large match was plucked to light the fire). Belleek's speciality is to employ naturalistic forms like shells and other shapes related to the sea.

For instance, a cup could be shaped like a shell upturned and the handle modelled to look like a piece of coral.

Manufacturing is divided into periods, the earliest and most collectable being 1863 to 1890.

Mr Gambon said: "If it's not marked, it's not Belleek.

Something we hope you'll especially enjoy: Since 1857, the fine Irish porcelain known as Belleek has been prized by collectors worldwide.

This volume, written by the American founder of the International Belleek Collectors' Society, is a revised and expanded edition of his 1978 classic.

But by 1920 the factory used four strands to weave the base.

Mr Gambon says that some of the most amazing pieces are the baskets.

These come in two sizes and the larger version from the first period could probably fetch £2,000, said Mr Gambon.

Another way of dating a Belleek basket is by looking at the base.

During the first and for most of the second period, three strands of clay were used to weave the basket base.

Nevertheless more complicated modern pieces can fetch £400 to £500.

He explains that the colour of the stamp changes with the periods.

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Perlee was a latecomer to the American Belleek trend and may have used that mark up until 1930.

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