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The parent uses the child to fill his or her unhealthy emotional needs at the expense of the other parent.

PAS experts have identified three levels of alienating behavior - mild, moderate and severe.

An alienating parent may tell the other parent the child can't come to the phone because he or she is doing homework, watching television or playing with a friend.

But when the other parent called home and asked to speak to the busy child before your divorce or separation, did you occasionally ask, "Want me to put him/her on anyway? A Family's Heartbreak: A Parent's Introduction to Parental Alienation was written to raise the visibility of an issue affecting millions of parents, children and extended family members every year.

We won't repeat our variation on Foxworthy's familiar "…The following article sheds some light on the subtle ways in which one parent can undermine the other parent's position after a divorce.Written by: Jeff Opperman for Womans What do you think would happen if comedian Jeff Foxworthy stopped telling redneck jokes and started talking about Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS)?you might be a redneck" refrain after each of the following examples, but we will say it once.You might be an alienating parent if you: If you are concerned that your behavior might make you an alienating parent, ask yourself this question: "Did I act this way before the divorce or separation?

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