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James, who had easily won election four consecutive times, saw Booker as a real threat, and responded with mudslinging, at one campaign event calling him "a Republican who took money from the KKK [and] Taliban ...

[who's] collaborating with the Jews to take over Newark".

Can't wait to see what effect that has on Donna's spring line.

Which newly minted chick-lit authoress needs to keep her extracurricular activities under better wraps?

"With recent reports showing that one out of four teenage girls has an STD and the high level of teenage pregnancy, we believe that Miley is both influential and relatable to this afflicted set - and is the obvious choice to get the message of safe sex out to teens across America." A rep for Cyrus says the teen has not been approached with the company's offer yet, but that it is something her and her camp would never consider.

Life Styles is also generously offering Miley a lifetime supply of condoms for "whenever she decides the time is right." Maybe Trojan could recruit the Jonas Brothers and give a whole new meaning to the term "promise ring." Lindsay is 'Mean' and green Now we know who's wearing the cargo pants in Lindsay Lohan and Sam Ronson's relationship.

At Yale, Booker was a founding member of the Chai Society (now Shabtai), To draw attention to the problems of open-air drug dealing and associated violence, he went on a 10-day hunger strike and lived in a tent and later in a motor home near drug-dealing areas of the city.

"Then things got really ugly when Amanda Seyfried landed the starring role." Amanda had played a supporting role to Lindsay in her 2004 smash hit "Mean Girls" and Lindsay is green with envy. She does have a dashing new beau, however, fellow stage actor Benjamin Walker (the pair met in Broadway's "Les Liaisons Dangereuses"), who assures us he has already met the venerable Mrs. "She did fall asleep while we were watching a movie together, though," he said.

Upon returning home, he earned his Juris Doctor from Yale Law School.

Booker began his political career as a Newark city councilor from 1998 to 2002.

Lately, Linds has been dictating what Sam spins during her deejay gigs and at a recent bash Sam wouldn't even take requests from the crowd. "She was scared that someone would request an ABBA song," a party insider says.

"Lindsay had desperately wanted a part in the hit film ["Mamma Mia! I have no idea how anyone even gets together." Her "Brideshead" co-star, dashing fellow Brit Matthew Goode, tells us he hasn't been at all tempted by some of the gorgeous American women he has worked with, including Scarlett Johansson. Just Sayin'Newark Mayor Cory Booker and Oprah BFF Gayle King are still going strong.

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At his announcement event, he remarked that a "united government" was crucial to progress, knowing his supporters in the city council faced tough reelections.

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