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Key words: World War II, USSR, Japan, USA, UK, Soviet-Japanese War (1945), historiography, contemporary studies, controversial issues, neutrality pact, wars background, wars territorial outcomes, Kuril Islands, South Sakhalin.Boris Afonin, Institute of History, Archaeology and Ethnography of the Peoples of the Far East, FEB RAS, Vladivostok, Russia.The author made an attempt to analyze the reasons of these relationships ambivalence.On the one hand, India sided the Allies as a part of British troops in the anti-Japanese struggle, in battles in France, Africa and Iran.demachina writes "Robert Boisjoly has died at the age of 73. Mc Donald and three others argued through the night of 27 January, 1986 to stop the following day's Challenger launch, but Joseph Kilminster, their boss at Morton Thiokol, overruled them. Both Boisjoly and Mc Donald were blackballed for speaking out. NASA's mismanagement 'is not going to stop until somebody gets sent to hard rock hotel,' Boisjoly said after the 2003 Columbia disaster. This was a result of the work performed by the War Responsibility Reexamination Committee created in August 2005 in the editors office of Yomiuri, the major Japanese newspaper.In connection with the oncoming 70th anniversary of the end of World War II, the discussion on this topic in the countrys printed media has gained in intensity again.

Key words: Mukden Incident, tokko, gyokusai, Yasukuni shrine, comfort women.

The author draws a conclusion that international situation in the Pacific Rim has become noticeably more complicated due to the competition between the USA, China and Japan for leadership in the region and complicated relationships between Japan, China and two states on Korean Peninsula.

Key words: Japan, USA, China, USSR (Russia), Korea, World War II, Pacific Rim, Japanese militarism, allied powers, Japans occupation, Japan and neighbor countries, Northeast Asia, territorial issues.

The expansionist policy pursued by Japanese militarism until 1945 has not been rethought deeply and critically.

Apologists of militarism have maintained their positions in political, research and journalist circles of this country. From Marco Polo Bridge to Pearl Harbor in 2006 was a remarkable event in the discussion held in Japan on responsibility for aggressive wars.

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