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Maybe they would have been really focused on the day centre, all the ins and outs there.Did you have any concerns filming Pia’s nude scenes?What emerges is a picture of societies characterized by ongoing, often incremental, social and political reform processes.

The realisation of one’s own mortality might normally be a depressive topic, as we struggle to grasp that death is slowly coming for us all.

To come to terms with her own mortality and that of her mother’s, she turns to Jens (Jens Jensen), a stranger she meets at the harbour.

Shot on 16mm and what looks like 4:3 aspect ratio, which used to be the standard for television, creates a more intimate, almost documentary feel.

Then I would talk to different people, my script consultant and Katja, about the material. So, it wasn’t getting super long but at one point it was two hours and then we got it down.

Every time we shot new stuff I’d put it into the edit and throw out other stuff.

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