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Smoking has fallen further and further from favor – even though about 15 percent of Americans still smoked as of 2015. Well, you could always join a dating website just for smokers.

Smoking cigarettes around kids was the biggest no-no, with 80 percent saying it was unacceptable. The most acceptable places to smoke were in a bar, outside at a party, or with a group of friends. We asked our survey respondents about sex appeal and learned the vast majority of nonsmokers ranked smokers as less than sexy.

Men were slightly more likely to find smokers unattractive, though women weren’t far behind--with 54 percent saying smoking has a negative impact on attractiveness.

Our favorite retro figures were always photographed with a smoke in hand at all times.

A new study conducted by Halo surveyed over 500 Americans to see how they felt about cigarette smoking when it came to their dating lives. About 64 percent of both non-smoker men and women agree that smoking is a serious deal breaker for them. For the large majority of people who do smoke (72 percent), smoking doesn't even make you any more attractive. Forty five percent of southerners said they would break up with a smoker, making the South one of the more “smoker-friendly” regions.However, smoking trends overall are on the decline, which means smoking could be even more of a deal-breaker across the map in the future.Despite over half of nonsmoking respondents considered smoking a serious relationship deal breaker, 58 percent have dated a smoker, and very few participants – be they smokers or not – have actually broken up with someone for smoking.It’s no secret nonsmokers would prefer not to be in the immediate vicinity of smoke.

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Depending on where you live in the United States, your smoking habits may be more of a deal breaker in some locations than in others.

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