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The most important thing is to do your initial research first.

You want to make sure there’s an audience for your product and for your service before you get in. It’s something you want to have someone specialized do for you because even if you know some of the keywords, you can get a general idea, but it’s going to be hard for you to understand the long-tail and the places besides Google where they might be searching for your types of products and services. If you’re still having problems with the native language version of your site, then maybe fix those before embarking on a Spanish version.

This right can also extend to lawfully published information. The term “right to be forgotten” implies that someone has the right to have others forget something.

A discussion of the search engine operator's right to freedom to conduct a business (Art. It is therefore a misleading term for a right to have one's personal data deleted under certain conditions.

There are some things that are going to be appropriate for just a straight translation.

People are going to use the wrong word because they’re just doing a literal translation.When you transcreate, you take the spirit of the thing and you take the understanding of that, and you create something based on it that’s new.You don’t lose what you have in English or in your language of origin.Zeph: You definitely want to have all your ducks in a row and do a lot of planning before you get to that stage. You want to have a style guide, basically to understand the tone and the market you’re going after, the specific personas you’re trying to reach.Zeph: The first thing is you want to be working with a search and digital marketing agency to help you get this set up.

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