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I probably will just break up with him.”The girlfriend then goes on to brutally rip into her sex life with the poor bloke, saying: “The sex is not satisfying at all.“He’s pretty small.” The boyfriend understandably flies off the handle at the shocking secret footage.He rages: “I was going to marry her, how am I going to marry her she just said I have a small d***.”The backfired cheat test was set up for You Tube’s savage US To Catch A Cheater show.

As luck would have it Annie had been held up after work with a farewell for a colleague.

At the start of the clip, Vanessa tells the show's host, Luis Mercado, that she signed up to be on the series because she wants to see what her boyfriend is like when she isn't around.

'Anytime we go places, I am always around,' she explains.

She then went on to flirt outrageously with another man – totally unaware she was being filmed.

Believing she had actually set her boyfriend up in a hidden camera cheat test, the clueless girlfriend had no idea she was actually the one being tested.

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