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fulva could be yet another ant from the greater Parana drainage that has become invasive elsewhere.

Detailed phylogeographic and population genetic studies based on broad and extensive sampling across the entire range of the species will help address these issues and provide the basis for effective management of N.

fulva in North America, for example through the introduction of co-evolved biological control agents.

Research can now focus on this species’ population dynamics, ecology, natural history, and identification of its native range to better understand the causes and consequences of such rapid population growth.

Using a number of determination methods, it has been shown that this is the species that has experienced a population explosion in and around Houston, Texas that began in 2002 (Rasberry Ant). It is not known whether these populations still persist today. Croix and in southern Florida may very well have been N. To accurately predict its potential range will require more detailed descriptions of its ecology, natural history, and distribution in its native range which can then be used to inform predictive environmental niche modeling. fulva must first be identified and, ideally, the source population(s) of the invasive populations must also be known.

Populations spread about 200 m per year as a result of nest fission at the invasion front (Meyers and Gold 2008). fulva have not been observed to engage in alate flights, so long-distance dispersal occurs largely as a result of human transport of nesting ants. As per Gotzek et al (2012), the genus Nylanderia has a long history of taxonomic uncertainty in North America largely due to a lack of distinctive morphological characters in the worker caste. pubens may not have good invasive capabilities compared to N. It will require much better sampling of molecular data or male samples from throughout Florida to test our hypothesis.

Tal incremento en el énfasis de maíz contribuyó al decaimiento en la calidad de vida de las poblaciones nativas después del arribo de los europeos.

(2015) - The tawny crazy ant, Nylanderia fulva is invading the southern United States (Gotzek et al. Its occurrence in the United States (US) was first documented in Houston in 2002 (Meyers and Gold 2008). fulva in Colombia caused extensive ecological and agricultural damage (Zenner de Polania 1990). fulva displaces red imported fire ants (Solenopsis invicta), and regionally distributed native species, thereby reducing both biological and functional diversity (Le Brun et al. Nylanderia fulva can also transport pathogens of plants, humans, and other animals (Mc Donald 2012).

Bromeliads with suspended soil and those that were larger had higher ant diversity.

Nylanderia fulva was found in 18 different bromeliads but was associated with twigs and bark cavities, rather than suspended soil or litter, of the plants. (2015) found a behaviour, first noted and resulting from interactions between Solenopsis invicta and N.

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