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The improvement continned, so that at the date of tbe present report (2Sth J, he is able to leave his bed, the muscles of his legs being qmte supple, the abdominal muscles are still rather tight, as well as those of the neck, and he still wears the tetanic grin. Wilks are inclined to attach any remedial value to the medicine used, seeing Qitt it had been ao frequently employed on prerioua occasions without any success. LB OEHDRK, Prosecteurdes Htaiilaux, will be oommenced at GUmert, ir, Rue Fer A Moulin, nwr the Jardln dee Planlea, Paris, on Augoat lat, and be son Onuad dally at 1 p.m. Of this idea, how* ever, we must now disabuse ourselves. : doabia Maaeoting Inatnme TTaricose Veins and Supporting Belts. coutd be gathered showed that he retained his mental vigour, and that his grasp of the frmdamentsl principle B of his Pro- fession wat as Gnu as ever. The possibility of such an occurrence should ever be borne in mind.

Do not assume that just because we believe a book is in the public domain for users in the United States, that the work is also in the public domain for users in other countries. The opinion Was confirmed, he thought, by the circumstance that a sort of line might be felt passing obliquely downwards &om the upper part of the iliac crest to the median line, which about bounded the lower edge of the protrusion. Oa the ninth day, serous flnid was observed floning frmn both ears, and thus matters went on for severel days, until on the twentieth day after the accident, the watery discharge came only from the left ear, This even soon subsided, and on the twenty-fifth day the patient left the Hospital. Several papers were read after the address ; but they were too long to afford any time for discussion. ; alao for Uic provonllon J I andnt Wafcon'a'a Bcy.aiidtl Bauppoitof Uiaabdo BBi ' Dunbl Tporoua, and light, as an efficient Splni fiup- - B«i Uwsa wpltanoaa Btand unequ Ued. Otlicr men pursue a different course to myself, and to each other. On Warm and Cold Batha In tha Traatme Dt of loaanlty, by Dr.

He was in a permanent state of o[ns Qlotonos, and often had severe paroxysms, in many of which it was thoneht he would die. — The Com- mltt MOf VUtors Intend to apptdnt^ Immediately, a MEDICAL SUPERINTENDENT of the abore Asylum, dtuated hi the palish of Winla Beld, about a mile and a-balf tnaa Hayward'i-haatli Station, on the London and Brighton Railway. ...9 manied, * Borlinirton-street, hi tfac Parish of Bt. Now, in the Srat c Usb of cases, that it, where the fluid jrom the ear is plentiful, and of a decidedly watery character, im- mediately after the accident, in these cases, I say, we need still be in no donbt a* to the nature of the accident. Some went to the In Gnnary, others to Calton Hill, i Jie younger and longer- winded even mounted Arthur's Seat. Sometimes the doubt is rendered greater by the position rf the cutaneous fold at the bend of the thigh.

After admission he gradually became worse, and during the following six dayi he was as ill as he possibly could be, ao that it was thought most unlikely that he couldrecover ; his legs as well as his body were perfectlyrigid, BO that it would havebeen possible to have held him out straight by the leg. Aa f^ as our knowledge extendi at present, wc have then three classes of cases, as to this watery discharge. As the general meeting was not to take place till four in the aitemoon, the member* dispersed tliemselves over the town and neighbourhood. I have had no opportunity of making hrtha tnal of this plan ; but throw out the suggestion, with the statement, that the preaence of a needle in that particular rftuation is home with impunity, in order that others might. If the nature of the hernia is decided upon before the opeiatian ia com- menced, the operator need feel little, or no, appreheu Mon on this point ; but this is not always so easy aa it appears to he ; and in fat women, I have seen surgeons puzzled to decide whether the hemia be crural or inguinal; and not only so, but 1 have seen a surgeon operate upon the one form nndei the impression that it was the other, and consequently, not a little embarrassed during the operation, and chagrined on Ae discovery of his mistake.

They think the large amount of beef-tea and wine which the patient took was much more efficacions. ABSCISION OF STAPHYLOMA AND CLOSURE OF THE WOUND BY SUTURES. In the first class of cases, it hu been repeatedly proved that the watery discharge contains a trace only of albumen, and a considerable quantity of chloride of sodium. Itutractlo D for moaa Oreat Reduction in the Prices of New *-" XEDICAL OLABB BOTTLES and PBIALB, at tbo Itlingt/ti OUua Bottta Worka, laltngto D -place, Park-ruad. After his address the ordinary business of Ihe Association was proceeded with, the Exports of the General Council and the Medical Keform Committee were read. ^ / aikdoidi SMOnd-buu L ot the Tai; Inat 4aa W susot CAi. and Pamonl Hernia ; also with Alr-psd tm- - - irtof tba^Ab- ^ .__ w_^ ... On the other hand, when nollii Bg, so far as the operator can judge, is to be gafaied by opemng flie sac, it should be avoidod ; and, as I have ahoim eleewhen, this rule should be carefully observed as all oceawona of hernia becoming strangulated in persons having serious diseaaa of some one of the more important bodily organs, ss the heart, lungs, or kidney.

It must be reraemtexed also that the case wss of a week's duration on admission, that no sensible effects were produced by the administration of the medicine, and that no change for the worse resulted from its disuse. until Beptambet IS, IS6S.— Sea Ma Ok^ Tlmea of May, Ig SS. But, will a chemical analysis of the watery discharge help us out of our difficultie* ! ' — a CRQl CAL ELAtmc OTOCKINGS AKD KNe Fc*P8, per. ''H """ j-lokllog , Lii» iniui Mo Di indiiir- IJkewl M, a atn;ng low. ELASTIC NEW bean Ufiil fabria ABDOMISAL SUPPOKTINO ; those lot I^dias' uno, bofc ' ' mant, ara admirably adapted for giving adequato ninhnrt witb U^tnaas-a point llt Ua attendoil to lb tho comparatt Tsl; clui tn Tanaaa mid fabrica bltberto omployed. He gave a passing allusion to the folly of Homt Eopathy, and drew attention more parti- cnlarly to recent advances in Medical art, as dependent on the ci^tnre of the natural sciences. The old question, as to whether the sac should or should not be opei^ must be decided in every case by the condition of the parts concerned, as this becomes disclosed in the course of an operation, or by the probability that the contents are ao C in such a condititm at the time of the opeation as to pramit of their bung replaced with safety, lie idea of die dwtger sn^qtosed to he att Mhed to the act of wounding a ao- called acrous membrane ought cot for a momait to be eiitn- tained, when it is discovered fliat Ao free and anqile releaee of the imprisoned, and perhaps severely iqjnred, parte eaaaat be attained without.

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