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The fraudsters invited victims to engage in cybersex activities via webcam, during which the woman would take off her clothes to entice the victim to take off his.

“But the victim had no idea the so-called live video he was watching was a pre-recorded clip prepared by the gangs,” said Lin.

Vuksanovic, who has terminal bowel cancer, asked the court to return his passport so he could travel to South America to procure scorpion venom to treat his cancer.

After Vuksanovic's arrest, his passport was confiscated and he began chemotherapy in Perth.

A 68-year-old child sex tourist has been handed a 12-month suspended sentence for attempting to groom a 15-year-old girl from the Philippines.

It took as little as five minutes to trap the target.The latest police figures show there were 766 ‘sextortion’ cases in the first nine months of this year.Nearly all victims were male, with ages ranging from 14 to 66.Since you’ve been married for two decades, you have no idea how to talk to women. If you have big money, then it’s ok to grab a Thai girl.Therefore, you’ve decided to take a look at Filipino girls. Girls in the Philippines are 100% better than girls from the West. If you’re broke like the rest of us, you can’t afford to have a Thai wife. The bottom line is that I can’t recommend for anyone to marry a Thai girl unless they are strapped—loaded–RICH.

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The force might turn to Interpol to bring the scammers to justice.

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