How to look intimidating men

Show your warmth, flash your smile, uncross your arms and give the room some love.With any luck, such actions will send out enough signals that say you want to be approached.When you’re ready to make an entrance, the way you physically address the room can really influence the way you’re perceived.For example, a dramatic catwalk strut really just belongs on the catwalk, so strolling into your local bar or restaurant like you’re parading your outfit for the editor of Vogue is at best going to scream, “Keep away,” or at worst, “I’m self-obsessed.” Try engaging the room as you walk in, casting your eyes around and welcoming it with a smile.If you’re with, say, a girlfriend, and you’re sitting with your backs to the room, singularly engrossed in each other’s conversation, you’re far less likely to get approached.This is perfectly fine if you don’t want to be approached, but if you’re hoping to get a little bit of outside attention, play to the room.It may be something as simple as the difference between being sensual and sexual, but take a long, cold look at what you’re wearing before you leave the house, and think about the partner you’d like to see yourself with.If your look and your imagined partner match up, be confident that you’re heading in the right direction.

Finally, take some time to ask yourself some questions: Is the person I’m talking with relaxed? So when they’re out there in the dating wild, men are looking for any sign of encouragement to indicate that it’s safe to make an approach.And while many will be drawn to a woman who exudes a certain amount of confidence, there’s a fine line between self-assured and intimidating.Next, once settled into a cozy corner, it’s important to continue to engage with your surroundings.A little eye contact can go a very long way, a half-smile even further.

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