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For example, you can write a startup script that gets the metadata key/value pair for an instance's external IP and use that IP in your script to set up a database.Since the default metadata keys are the same on every instance, you can reuse your script without having to update it for each instance.Every instance stores its metadata on a metadata server.You can query this metadata server programmatically, from within the instance and from the Compute Engine API, for information about the instance, such as the instance's host name, instance ID, startup and shutdown scripts, custom metadata, and service account information.

Startup and shutdown script contents might also be stored as custom metadata and count towards these size limitations, if you provide the startup or shutdown script contents directly.Google Compute Engine defines a set of default metadata entries that provide information about your instance or project.Default metadata is always defined and set by the server.For example, A JSON Web Token that is unique to the instance. Read Verifying the Identity of Instances to learn how to request and verify instance identity tokens. All metadata values are defined as sub-paths below these root URLs.You must include the `audience` parameter in your request for this instance metadata value. You can query for default metadata values only from within the associated instance.

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At any time, Google Compute Engine can add new entries to the metadata server and add new fields to responses. Metadata can be assigned at both the project and instance level.

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