Keep dating alive during marriage

“The overwhelming majority of problems I see boil down to a very clear issue, which is made very complicated by communication, and then overshadowed by emotion.” He offers an example: “Let’s say someone doesn’t like that his or her partner spends so much time playing video games.

Rather than communicating exactly that point, the person speaks vaguely or dances around the concern.

Perhaps they haven’t been together very long or feel they should be able to get through their challenges on their own,” she explains.

The truth is, though, that the sooner you get to therapy, the less repair work there is to do.

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If there’s one sticking point that every conversation, argument, or discussion seems to end with, it’s smart to book a session ASAP.

Maybe they show frustration and disappointment without actually saying why they are upset.

One person may be okay with having exes on Facebook, while the other is not.

On the other hand, if you literally never fight about anything with your significant other, but you feel that there are problems in the relationship, it could also be a cause for concern.

“It is perhaps problematic is when the fighting stops, as that may signal a lack of interest and intimacy,” says Weiss.

If you’re worried that your wife may be unfaithful, here are the 15 surefire warning signs.

On the flip side, when one person isn’t on board with how the other uses their social channels, it can become a major source of strife in a relationship.

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Yup, therapy before marriage is a thing—a very good one.

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