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I stopped watching when he kissed her in the garden. The people around her must have been dumb enough to have believed her act. Park bo gum is good at acting too he always ask advice to Kim yoo jung cuz she's a senior in acting OMO I can't I really wish they are dating in real life! we we we we and i i i hope my wish will be granted soon because i am the one big fans of boyoo couple and also some of the cast of LITM and i hope there have still season 2 next as we wait we still support them.#boyoo couple fans Pls pls pls we really want them again. He deserved all the nominations and awards given to him. The character of Park Bo-Gum as Lee young the crown Prince is very good. The couple Park Bo - Gum and Kim Yoo-jung have a perfect chemistry as lover.

In the drama, this is the leading reason for sinister Prime Minister Kim Hun to poison the queen mother of Crown Prince Lee Young.

I have nothing to say than "The best korean drama I've ever seen." I am a K-Pop fan, yes, that's a fact. The proof that this drama is great is that they are in the ranks and it is at 1st and 2nd at best.

But most of the time, I focus on K-Pop boy and girl groups than dramas. Sorry for Moonlovers fans but that drama is such a drag.

I only watched a few of them, but when I started watching this drama, really, I have nothing to regret. Huhu, but I'm very sad that it has already came to and end. The only good thing about that drama is Lee Joon-Gi.

I want more, but I can't do anything about it, anymore. Kim you jung is really good, I will start watching out for her in her dramas, all the cast were excellent. Am I the only one who shipped jo ha yeon and lee young? Arguably one of Park Bo-gum's best roles to date in my honest opinion, he portrayed a great Prince, I think he does very well in period dramas. I think the versatility of all the actors really push the story though from start to finish. Story of friendship, story of a relationship that conquers all and betrayal. @bmr39 seriously you're not only exploring the background story but the whole drama. Actually this is my first sageuk drama and as far as i know, most of sageuk dramas has a dark feel while this one has bright feel. Just 3 episodes in and while it's a great drama so far, I'm seeing so many similar elements in it as Sungkyunkwan Scandal... It's so emotional and I think this drama is very unique. I got sucked in instantly after watching the first episode.

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Applause to all those who worked hard to get this extraordinary series. but in all fairness this is a kdrama definitely worth watching This serial is so interesting. The story of a young king Lee Young (Park Bo-Gum) and Queen Hong Ra-on (kim Yoo-Jung). Elinita Pajaro from: Philippines/Abu Dhabi, UAE I just finish watch this drama yesterday .the cast is perfectly fit in their characters! I must say Park bo gum the rebel but wise Prince is so handsome and very excellent actor , this is the first drama of bogummy I've watched I instantly fall in love to him ,and Kim yoo Jung is superb! LOve in the moonlight one of the best historical drama ..hoping a season 2.

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