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beautiful really love bts i know Exo likes big bang two but apart from exo what i love about BTS is that they NEVER shy away from showing there love by straight up dancing getting up and expressing there emotion exo on the other hand tries to be a bit to classy and just sit there i wish artist understood that when ur at a concert its ok to be like a fan for ur group the artists that are on stage want that.

anyway still love exo and live for those small moment when they dance to others song its pure gold !

She confesses later that she fell asleep with the mask on — the unpardonable sin of masking.

What ensues is a charmingly hilarious episode of Bok Joo desperately avoiding her new beau.

But for the sake of giving Nan Hee’s mask a true chance, I gave it some more time before I turned to my trusty toner to hydrate my skin.

Big Bang will have one more final concert on January 8.I’m a bit of a skeptic when I try new skincare, so I chalked up the latter to the fact that I had washed my face after all, and pretty much any mask can make skin look brighter than it did pre-mask.I was disappointed, though, that my skin didn’t look dewy and moisturized. In fact, I thought my skin might become too dry in a few more minutes. TO.10' concert series in Osaka back in July 2016 and now they're holding their final concerts in Seoul at the Gocheok Sky Dome. SEE ALSO: Big Bang's Best Live Stages As a limited opportunity to see Big Bang perform as 5, many Hallyu stars attended the concert including various BTS members and Park Bo Gum.This is one of the last opportunities to see them perform as all 5 members as the members will soon begin their military enlistment starting with T. BTS members Jin, V, and Jimin were spotted sitting next to Park Bo Gum at the concert.

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I used Muji’s Compressed Facial Mask Sheet just because I already had it.

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