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The dancers were using the entirety of the pavilion, flying from one end of the atrium to the other, dancing on escalators and stairs, and the audience followed after them as they moved.“I know this is a fairly esoteric thing to stumble upon with my five-year-old,” Anna explains.She began writing humorous quips about raising her own two kids, Amelia and James, in the city.Her first entries can still be found in her archives, and looking back at them provides a sense of how rapidly the blog evolved from a personal chronicle to a thorough indexing of New York City and all of the fun things it offers families.A Midwestern transplant in New York, I was daunted by the task of raising a kid in the city, and Mommy Poppins quickly became a valuable resource for navigating it with a baby.Kid-friendly museum exhibits, festivals, restaurants, children’s concerts—all of it was made more manageable and accessible. “I love it when I hear people repeating what is essentially my mission statement back to me,” she responds.

But the city never failed to provide her with a deep sense of wonder. “Even though I didn’t have a great childhood, it was magical in a lot of ways.

“I used to live here,” Anna Fader tells me off-handedly as we head inside for lunch. “The shower was outside on the back deck, right over there,” Anna tells me, pointing toward a corner of the tavern where light pours through the ceiling.

I laugh, thinking she’s making a joke about some boozy past, made funnier by contrast to her present success as founder of Mommy Poppins—the popular parenting website for local fun. This story hangs off Anna the way the whole city seems to—an old joint that she knows intimately, but one that she’s constantly revisiting and rediscovering.

Luckily for parents throughout NYC, she isn’t one to keep great finds all to herself.

Actually, she’s just the opposite—sharing the best that our city has to offer with her faithful Mommy Poppins followers. I was a new mother, a graduate student, and one of the first of my cohort to have a child.

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