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Why sit home and miss a golden opportunity to be on the scene?After all, the kissy face is the go-to pose for any party girl — ask Paris Hilton.For the December issue of Maxim, Paulina told the magazine what Santa presumably already knows. "I've definitely been nice, with just a sprinkle of naughty ... Hey, nobody can fault pro golfer Dustin Johnson for hanging out at the beach with his girlfriend, and show the rest of the world what he's got. She often provided her followers with a glimpse into her life with her friends.But with Tiger tearing it up again, maybe he should spend more time on the course. After her short exile, she tweeted, "Hi everyone I'm back!Gretzky, whose single "Collecting Dust" was featured on the MTV show "Laguna Beach," is also a model and serial Instagram and Twitter poster.NESN reported in 2011 that Paulina's father Wayne, the NHL's all-time leading scorer, made Paulina shut down her Twitter feed after she posted provocative photos of herself.Johnson went on to win that tournament which told most golf fans that Paulina Gretzky is his good luck charm.

Quiet dinner at home with the parents or pound the pavement in search of some excitement — Paulina's choice is obvious.

Daughter of hockey great Wayne Grtezky and Canadian pop star Paulina Gretzky was seen walking the grounds of Augusta on Wednesday during the tournament's Par 3 Challenge.

The pair were seen out at night and were together the entire week.

"Listen here you hating pieces of shit trolls," she wrote on Instagram.

"I'll say it once he didn't work his ass of his entire life for a gold medal he achieved his MAJOR and let everyone else do what they need to do and leave my fanf—kingtastic man alone [peace sign]." What do you think of all this?

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He was not the only one to, however, but he got trashed all over social media when a picture was shared with him, and Gretzky was shared.

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