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While so many TV shows dwell on violence, drugs, psychotic thugs and corrupt cops, “Masters of Sex” explores the human heart.Amid scenes of naked volunteers testing the boundaries of orgasm in the name of science, there are moments of yearning and even desperation among sexually dysfunctional couples—most of them married—seeking Masters and Johnson’s help in expressing themselves intimately.Their relationship never seemed to end, even in death.In July 2013, Virginia Johnson died at age 88, only a few weeks before the premiere of Showtime's “Masters of Sex." As I look at these photos, I’m reminded once again of our conversations together, about the passion and drive in their lives, and about the lasting enigma of Masters and Johnson.Then the conversation turned to Bill and whether she ever really loved him.(Masters died in 2001, before I began writing my book, though I had interviewed him briefly in 1994).By the 1970s, Masters and Johnson themselves acknowledged this limitation of science.

Particularly for young people, unaware of Masters and Johnson, it’s difficult to appreciate how so much has changed between the mid-'60s and today.

, presents an exclusive essay by Thomas Maier, author of the book on which the series is based, looking back at the revolutionary work of Dr.

William Masters and Virginia Johnson—as well as their intensely fraught personal relationship—through the lens of LIFE photos from 1966.

She said there were plenty of parts about her personal life where she flinched, parts about the sex experiments where she laughed remembering their boldness, and other parts, like Bill’s later theories on gay conversion based on her therapy, where she had genuine remorse.

She said she still hoped to write a memoir herself someday.

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Before Kodachrome and color television came along, reproducing the world in all its countless hues, most people encountered the famous and the notorious in black and white photographs—gazing as if the pictures were glossy X-rays that could reveal the inner essence of men and women of note.

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