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I'm so glad to see a comment from someone in this type of relationship!It might not work for everything, but I am extremely glad that it works for you and thanks for the tips!!It’s a site dedicated to rural polyamorists, with links and resources and events (including poly speed dating!) for those polyamory Australia folks outside of the main cities.

Your boyfriend on one hand may not respond - probably won't respond - the same way as your other boyfriend/girlfriend.

Expecting her to fall for you right away is often not the way these things happen.2. the next step is to ask her out, not to meet her at the bar, but to plan a date that keeps her interests in mind. Be the Man Make decisions, make the first move, and be the protector.

Be Proactive Women don’t want to chase a man and they shouldn’t have to. Sure there are women who like “to mother” a guy, but most of us want our men to behave like men, not children or sissies.4.

Finally, those seeking to learn abou, or practise something a bit sexier, can check out international organisation, Killing Kittens, who have established their parties for the “sexual elite” all over Australia or the Swingers Dating Guide which has links to swinging parties all over Australia.

What are your tips for polyamorous dating in Australia?

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Whether your a poly man looking for his primary partner, a third, or the elusive poly unicorn; these tips will help improve your chances.

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