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Our culture is full of myths and falsehoods about what makes a truly successful partnership.As a result, many couples are left without role models or a map for a healthy, well-functioning relationship.If the answer to any of the above is “yes,” then be sure to join us for an evening of passionate intimacy!

This daylong seminar is an opportunity to fall more in love with your partner.If we’ve learned anything from years of practicing body-mind approaches to healing and growth, it’s that touch isn’t just about having the right technique.Touch is a form of communication, and probably one of the most powerful ones when it comes to a relationship.What would it look like to create a new paradigm of relationship?Discover this and more at our next DATE NIGHT San Francisco.

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Whether it’s a passing affectionate touch, a kiss, or sensual lovemaking, it’s all about being present in your body and attuned to your partner.

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