Updating verizon firmware

Then press the volume up and connect the phone to your PC.

4) Once you are connected and the firmware is loaded press the start button and wait for the process to finish.

For various fixes for doze and the cpu go to this thread and thank @psouza4 for the fix and this one for a bunch of useful info.

Of course thanks to @dajmanjt for all the info in one place.

1) Download the latest firmware from the link below and then unzip the file.The phone will restart and then you should be running the latest firmware.You can load either the HOME_CSC or the CSC_VZW file in the CSC slot. G935VVRS4APH1_CL8875708_QB10880117_REV02_user_low_ ship_MULTI_CERT MD5: 43e1295caa08f8e16e873f945728b7d5 G935VVRU2APG5_CL8875708_QB10539553_REV02_user_low_ ship MD5: 5fd72408ddedf55a90e6cfd175573888 G935VVRS2APF2_CL7722939_QB10210560_REV02_user_low_ ship_MULTI_CERT MD5: e1cb19dffb2786d779fbcb0577359082 G935VVRU2APE1_CL7722939_QB9709803_REV02_user_low_s hip_MULTI_CERT MD5: c01226b362f123945b3e4c1f257a501a G935VVRU2APD2_CL7722939_QB9322456_REV02_user_low_s hip_MULTI_CERT MD5: 37db88864790d0b04753f5b979871400 G935VVRU2APB5_CL7042442_QB8979565_REV02_user_low_s hip_MULTI_CERT MD5: b9fa1d38db5f08b2c2ef6ef59614e58f G935VVRS2APB4_CL7042442_QB8899402_REV02_user_low_s hip_MULTI_CERT MD5: 7021761efa23dd9a2729cd62011fd44e Below is the G935U Firmware. I will not provide any add ons so please do not ask.I have freezing issues from time to time every day... I think he was trying to discourage me from returning it in my 14 day window. Actiontec made this model device for several different Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and we never made a Non-Customer Specific (NCS)/retail version.

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For more information on carrier settings updates, contact your carrier.

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