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When you have an existing application and need to incorporate an enhancement to that application’s functionality, your requirements can be re-used to determine every functional area of the application where proposed changes may impact the existing application.Planning for current project and ongoing maintenance deliverables requires the BA to form a plan for organizing the requirements.The internet and an organization’s intranet can be resources for gaining the additional vocabulary needed to assist in communicating clearly with all project stakeholders.It is always useful to capture important terms and acronyms used within the requirements in a requirements glossary, especially where resources are shared and/or outsourced.The process of gathering and eliciting requirements begins with an understanding of how an organization operates.Most projects involve a small subset of the overall organization.Eliciting and Managing Requirements is designed for individuals responsible for doing just that— eliciting requirements from users and stakeholders and managing those requirements throughout solution development.

They invest in projects to solve a business problem, take advantage of an opportunity or implement a strategic solution that furthers business goals.

Requirements development includes activities related to gathering and analyzing the requirements.

When gathering requirements, Business Analysts need to capture information within the context of the organization and in support of operational needs to satisfying stakeholder goals.

Whether that involves ensuring the health and safety of the public, enforcement of laws and regulations, providing support services, or some other mission, identifying the high-level purposes that drive the project environment ensures that the project outcomes are aligned with the organization’s goals.

The construction of a context to identify the project’s organizational impact involves several iterations.

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Choosing appropriate attributes for your stored requirements will facilitate your analysis downstream during project execution.

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