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The combo box allows you to type in anything which causes validation problems. Text Then set the focus to last index in the combo box.How do I lock these dropdown values or how would I check it. If the value already exists, set the focus to that item. Text Then set the focus to last index in the combo box.

The combo box's font size can be set, more than 8 rows can be displayed, and autocomplete can be enabled. Enable Events = False 'get the data validation formula str = Target. Formula1 str = Right(str, Len(str) - 1) With cbo Temp 'show the combobox with the list .

The Rad Combo Box can trigger validation of other controls on the form when it performs a post-back to the server.

To achieve this behavior, you need to set the Causes Validation property to True.

'==================================== 'Optional code to move to next cell if Tab or Enter are pressed 'from code by Ted Lanham '***NOTE: if Key Down causes problems, change to Key Up Private Sub Temp Combo_Key Down(By Val _ Key Code As MSForms. You can set it to allow selection of a single item (button), or multiple items.

Then, after you select a number (or date or time) in the combo box drop down list, press the Enter key or the Tab key, to move to the next cell. Activate Case 13 'Enter - change text to number, move down Active Cell. In the premium version, a list box automatically appears when you select a cell that has a drop down list.

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