While validating that device serial0 was really a serial port

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To determine which scheme has been used to encrypt a specific password, check the digit preceding the encrypted string in the configuration file.

Hence if the router is processing a large debug output to the console port, it may hang.

Hence, if the debug output is excessive use the vty (telnet) ports or the log buffers to obtain your debugs.

If that digit is a 7, the password has been encrypted using the weak algorithm.

If the digit is a 5, the password has been hashed using the stronger MD5 algorithm.

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The easiest way is to enable username / password authentication.

Other ways are to include an access-list to prevent unwanted IP addresses from connecting and use SSH to encrypt the traffic connecting to the device.

Question 6 Explanation An Integrated Services Router(ISR) router can be implemented an Ethernet Switch Module to perform both IP routing and inter-VLAN routing.

With this module, an ISR router will contain interface vlan configurations.

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Logging-enabled access control lists (ACLs) provide insight into traffic as it traverses the network or is dropped by network devices.

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