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We saw an old interview you did, where you explained that you tried to lose weight, not to get girls or to look better, but because you had health concerns. I had high blood pressure, really high blood pressure, sleep apnea, and I was really close to diabetes.

And the doctor was like, "that's a deadly combination." The doctor said, "you really gotta' get it together." I just took it as a challenge.

After ballooning to more than 255 lbs, his eating habits and (non-existent) workout routine had put his health at serious risk.

We spoke Banner for our February 2009 issue, and learned a bit about how he decided to finally drop the weight.

Unlike his previous releases, contains no attempts to get commercial radio play. The only song that would fit at a club, “Black Fist” featuring Tito Lopez, can also serve as a protest anthem.

Banner put his deep Rolodex to good use by recruiting features that actually add lyrical value to the track, not just big name recognition.

People hear what the general public is saying, so I was just taking it and turning it into something positive, and hopefully, motivate people to do bigger and better things, to feel better. Have you noticed a difference in day-to-day things? I set a goal for 215 pounds, and I really honestly didn't think I was going to get to 215 pounds, and when I got to 215, I was like, "Well, I want to dunk a basketball one more time before I die. With the programs that Scott has implemented for me, I know how not to — and this is strange, he said he's never seen this before — but I can knock off five pounds in a week. I know how to run, how to set my own plans, just based on my body chemistry and my body makeup. I'm going to be honest with you — it's an honor, because it was hard.

Let me see if I can get down to 205 pounds." It's like, when you're able to set those goals for yourself, those goals are similar to life goals. Because it doesn't really end, there's no finish line where you're done working out. I know what to eat, I know how many times a day to run, I know how much water to drink in order to really control my bodyweight. We, as entertainers, not just rappers, have a tendency to influence people to drink Crystal and buy high-priced cars, to do so many other things, but we're in a position to help save people's lives.

I’m learning to tap into God through meditation,” he said..’ Like it’s a breath of fresh air but it still has that Southern under bottom.In no way am I comparing it to Outkast or what Organized Noise did, but that’s sort of the feeling I get when I listen to it.and shared some jewels and what’s sure to be controversial thoughts such as his feelings that Black people aren’t racist enough, Hip-Hop giving in to white supremacy, and why Donald Trump being President is a good thing.is an hour-plus long of bold statements and strong voices.

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The only thing that a listener may find “wrong” with the album is that it is very much a line in the sand.

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  1. Dating coaches and matchmakers seems to make sense and break the barrier for many seniors.” About 90% of the estimated 3,000 matchmakers in the United States will work with seniors, though not necessarily exclusively, said Lisa Clampitt, co-founder of the Matchmaking Institute, which trains professional matchmakers.