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Publishing in the community standards the very same list of guidelines above used by Facebook staff to sort through reported content, would be a simple solution, giving users the same knowledge as FB User Operations staff of what is forbidden and what is sanctioned.“The Community Standards are inherently vague because it would be impossible to list out (in all 70 FB languages) everything that would be both policy compliant and non-compliant.

Instead, we offer guidelines to help people know what is and isn’t OK to post.

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But for some reason Facebook also seems to be unwilling to share those rules explicitly, so that users can comply without confusion.

On June 22 thousands of 18 pages were unpublished, leaving shocked page owners with no recourse other than an “appeal” button.

Since this apparent raid, some of these pages have been restored (most in the first 48 hours) while the majority are still awaiting a verdict in an notoriously opaque appeals process that does not invite participation by the offending page.

In the end, Facebook is looking less like the community and branding builder it claims to be and more like an unpredictable enforcing entity that can without due warning block or delete your personal account and unpublish your Business or Fan Page, even after you have paid adverstising dollars to Facebook to grow it.

With this latest seemingly arbitrary and inconsistent application of vague community standards in the name of keeping things “safe” for users, Facebook has shown itself to be the most unsafe place of all.

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